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High Impact Innovation



Innovation Through Research

Aeon has evolved from research led  prototypes to a portfolio of market ready projects. 

The KTB Facemask evolved from a `first principles' design exercise in focusing on the protective repertory facemasks to help meet the needs of the pandemic effort. The mask concept was so successful the National Institute for Health Research in collaboration with two NHS  Hospital Trusts adopted it for testing for Nationwide adoption. We are now refining the design further to adoption within the NHS by the end of 2021.

The K2 blood sampling device was a project to widen genomics and health studies to whole populations through a postable automatic blood collecting device. The K2 was designed to take enough blood to offer population-wide health analyses in support of predictive cancer detection, ageing and disease biomarker studies. Blood collection remains the most important unmet need as we move into the second decade of the new millennium, and the K2 design solves many of the problems around this bottleneck.

The device can be posted to the end user, then simply applied for easy and safe use. This removes the need for venous blood draws and greatly increases the number of participants in any clinical trial. 

It is possible the K2 can support the next great advances in predictive health.

We have been working with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at the University of Sheffield over two years to under-pin the proof of principle. We are moving into trials and expect to release for commercial use in 2022. 

Working with robotics experts, Aeon is also prototyping undersea drones designed to reduce ocean waste. The concept is a low cost, mass producible drone fleet capable of removing plastic waste over large areas of ocean with the absolute minimal cost and disruption to wildlife. 





The Possibilities Are Endless

 Aeon focuses on a core of high impact technologies in partnership with leading research groups across several industries from age research, genomics, robotics, space-technology and more. We thrive on world changing ideas and never limit the scope of our thinking. If you want to keep up to date, please join our mailing list!

"Big results require big ambitions"



Wework, 3rd floor, 60 Station Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB1 2JH

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